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1. Members can participate on regular classes.

2. Members can access library books and CDs.

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Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library
Chess club library

Chess Books

Name Author
The Chess Course Praul Zaveri
Silman'S Complete Endgame Jeremy Silman
Winning Chess For Kids Coakley
The Manual Of Chess Combinations 1A Chess School 1A
The Manual Of Chess Combinations 2 Chess School 2
The Manual Of Chess Combinations 3 Chess School 3
The Manual Of Chess Endings Chess School 4
Chess Is Children'S Ply Laura Sherman
Chess Mazes Bruce Alberston
Winning Chess Openings Yasser Seriawan
Chess For Children Activity Book Sabrina Chevannes
Winning Chess (Tactics&Ttrategies) Ted Nottingham
Check Mates (Basic To Intermediate) Pranesh Yadav
Techniques Of Middile Game B.K.Chaturvedi
Secrets Of Gms Chess Jhon Nunn
Chess Work Book For Parents And Coaches S.Praveen
Fun With Chess S.Praveen
Chess Tips For Tmt Players V. Subramanian
Learn To Play Chess Shruti Saha
Chess Problems A.Gopalaratnam
First Moves David Pritchard
Pick Of The Best Chess Problems B.P.Barnes
150 Short Chess Games P.Radhakrishnan
An Opening Repertoire For White Reymond Keene
600 Plus Winning Chess Themes & Tactics V. Subramanian
Winning Chess With Psychology Pal Benko
Creative Chess Amatzia
Starting Chess A.J.Gillam
The Mammoth Book Of World Greatest Chess Games Graham Burgess
Mastering Checkmate Neil Mc Donald
Modern End Game Practice Alexander & Adrian
Tactical Chess Endings John Nunn
Positional Exchange Sacrifice V. Subramanian
The Right Way To Play Chess Ashokkumar
Find The Winning Move Gary Lane
Imagination In Chess Paata Gaprindashvili
200 Chelanging Chess Puzzles Martin Greif
Encyclopedia Modern Chess Opening Anatoly Karpov
How To Think Ahead In Chess I.A. Horowits
Gambit Play Sacrificing In The Opening Angus Dunnington
Attaking With E4 John Emms
The Giant Chess Puzzle Book Zenon Franco
Modern Chess Openings Walter Korn
The Modern Defence R.D.Keene
Find The Checkmate Gary Lane
The Right Way To Teach Chess To Kids Richard James
The Quickest Chess Victories Of All Time Graham Burgess
White To Play And Mate In Two B.P.Basnes
I Play Against Pieces Svetozar Gligoric
The Tao Of Chess Peter Kurzdorfer
101 Chess Games P.Wenman
Improve Your Chess William Hartston
The Grandmaster Chess Fred Reinfeld
Learn From Your Chess Mistakes Chris Bakar
The Official Rules Of Chess Eric Schiller
The Chess Player Battle Manual Nigal Davies
Weapons Of Chess Bruce Pandolfini
Judgement And Planning In Chess Max Euwe
Winning Chess How To See Three Moves Ahead Irving Chrnev
Chess Openings Traps And Zaps Bruce Pandolfini
Lasker'S Manual Of Chess Dr.Emanuel Lasker
All About Chess Priya &R.Raman
Mate By Minor Pieces K.R.Seshadri
Winning Pawn Structures Alexander Baburin
Popular Chess Variants D.B.Pritchard
Master The Game Of Chess Neeta Sehgal
The Power Chess Program Nigel Devies
Batsfold Chess Puzzles Leonard Barden
303 Tactical Chess Puzzles Fred Wilson
Checkmate 1, 2 & 3 Moves V.Subramaniam
Development Of A Chess Master Eric Schiller
Excelling At Positional Chess Jocob Aagard
Winning Withthe French Wolfgang Uhimann
300 Chess Problems Dr.C.P.Mithal
Secrets Of Chess Training Marl Dvoretsky
Play Better Chess
Chess Mastery (Question & Answer) Fred Reinfeld
The Road To Chess Mastery Max Euwe
101 Classics Of The Chess Board
The Complete Chess Player Edward Young
Techniques Of End Games In Chess Phillip Robar
Chess Strategy And Tactics Fred Reinfeld
Common Sence In Chess Dr.Emanuel Lasker
The Life And Game Of Bobby Fischer Frank Brady
Pawn Promotion Rama Krishnan
Chess Tactics Rama Krishnan
It'S Your Move Chric Ward
Improvers It'S Your Move 50 Puzzles Chric Ward
Russians Vs Fischer Dmitry Plisetsky
Winning Chess Tactics Yasser Seirawan
Simple Chess Tactics And Checkmates A.J.Gillam
Copy Right Rodolfo Rodolfo Pardi
51 Chess Openings For Beginners Bruce Alberston
10 Great Ways To Get Better Chess Nigal Davies
Chess Game (Tamil) P.Radhakrishnan
Fundemandals Of Chess Endings V.Subramaniam
Endless Endings K.Muralimohan
Chess Beginners Guide Stanly Morrision
Endgame Challenge John Hall
Chess Tactics For Champions Susan Polgar
Starting Out Minor Piece Endgames John Emms

Chess Books for Children's

Name Author
Happy Hours Enid Blyton
Twinkle Double Digest 24,78,105,140
Flight of the Red Bandit Geronimo Stilton
Riddles Hema Venkatesan Handral
The Fanous Five Enid Blyton
Grandma Stories M.Sivasubramaniam
The Secret Seven
Alices Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
The New Adventurers of the Wishing-Chair Enid Blyton
Save the White Whale Geronimo Stilton
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain
Second From Malory Towers Enid Blyton
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson
Arabian Nights The Sheik's Son
The stinky cheese vacation Geronimo Stilton
The Mystery in Vevice Geronimo Stilton
Valentine's Day Disaster Geronimo Stilton
The Haunted Castle Geronimo Stilton
The Sinister Signpost Franklin wDixan
Letter Writing M.K.Parthasarathy
Adventures of Mad Rat
Beauty And The Beast and Other Stories Saran HinesStephens
Roald Dahl The Beg Quentin Blake
Malory Towers Enid Blyton
The Mistery on Holly Lane Enid Blyton
Six O Clock Tales Enid Blyton
The Most Popular Moral Stories
The Owl and The Grasshopper Bear & Bees Aesop's Fables
Everlasting Tales From The Arabian Nights Almas Viguar
Bodhi Darma & The Making R.S.Priyannth
Look at This 1b W.Murray
Secrets of Droom Tony Abbott
Fantastic Mr.Fox Roald Dohl
Ruskin Bond's Uncles, AUNTS & Elephants Ruskin Bond
Swami and Friends R.K.Narayan
David Copper field CharlessDickens
Matilda Roald Dohl
Adventure Story Parragon
Mystry Lights at Blue Harbour Budge Wilson
The Wild Wisdom Quize Book
GK Quize Chandrika
Knowledge Power
KIKI and other stories
The Secret Pimpernel Baroness Orczy
The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Wind inTheWillows Kenneth Grahame
Peace and Education Maria Mantessori
200 Plus Classic jocks M.K.Parthasarathy
In theWonderland of numbers Shakunthala Devi
Tell me whyspeeches the change the world Manorama